About Us

Jadcup was established in 2013, and since then, we have been dedicated to producing the highest quality products while promoting environmental sustainability and eco-friendliness within the industry.

Our Story

Here at Jadcup, we design, manufacture, and supply the foodservice industry with world-class paper cups and compostable packaging products – delivered to your door with the level of service and care you’d expect from a local business like ours. We’ve been making brands shine for the past 10 years! Jadcup is proud to say we are New Zealand 100% made and owned, and this really makes us very special. We commit to this because it is a way to reduce our footprint to this world by using less freights which is a major carbon emission contributed to climate change. We believe “Kiwi Made” is also a quality mark.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading innovator to shape a sustainable future where circular economy is the new normal. Our paper coffee cups are the ultimate sustainable solution after reusable cups. They are lined with bioplastic derived from plant-based sources instead of oil and are certified as industrially compostable and carbon neutral. Designed with circularity in mind, they contribute to a sustainable future. Our cups are proudly made in New Zealand and delivered with the highest level of personalized service and care you’d expect from a local business. Customize your cups with ease and enjoy fast delivery times. Choose Jadcup to join the movement towards a circular economy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the foodservice industry in New Zealand with a comprehensive range of world-class, sustainable, and compostable cups made from plants. By manufacturing and distributing our products locally, we take pride in reducing our carbon footprint, sustainability commitments, and environmental protection. With over a decade of experience in manufacturing and supplying compostable packaging products, we prioritize delivering exceptional service and care to our valued customers. Join Jadcup in creating a better, more sustainable future for our planet by choosing us for your custom compostable cups and eco-friendly food packaging needs.

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